Empowering Women to Succeed

Ily Moreno is the Founder and CEO of Breaks for Success, LLC and is a certified professional coach and consultant for professional women. Breaks for Success is an online coaching and consulting business that works primarily with young executives, entrepreneurs, and female driven organizations. The mission is to empower women, to take control of their lives, love themselves, and develop commitment to achieve success. Our passion is to help them understand their value so they can diminish their fears, get out of their comfort zone, and dare to be extraordinary.

Breaks for Success is a socially conscious business that specializes in helping women and female driven organizations thrive and accomplish their goals. Our job is to help them find a way to get to where they want to be despite their circumstances. Our goal is to be a resource, to broaden their perspective and help them move forward. We offer comprehensive services to satisfy a great variety of individual and organizational needs. We offer meaningful, result oriented, strategic services to all our clients. We practice from a strengths based perspective and are rooted in positive psychology and solution focused practices. …continue reading


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